At Hybrid Theory we use technology to help companies find new customers.

Using a single, integrated platform, we build a fluid profile of each individual as they browse, search for and share content across millions of sites. Then we use this profile to show them an ad at the right time, tailored just for them. Our approach is simple, automated, measureable and low hassle, giving marketers flexibility and time - everything technology is supposed to do.

Programmatic technologies were supposed to make advertising easier - but they’ve often made things more complex instead: DMP, DSP, DCO - Advertising is drowning in hype, acronyms and poorly integrated software.

In the end, what really matters is finding new consumers - real people - and converting them into customers. Hybrid Theory was founded as the simple, smart way to do just that.

Where Are We Now

Founded in 2011 as Affectv, Hybrid Theory received major funding rounds in 2013 and 2016 and now has an international presence with offices in UK, US, Australia and Singapore, looking forward to further expansion into other markets over the next months. We’ve won several awards for our work and our unique, user-centric and holistic approach to finding new customers.

Find more information about us on our company website.